That's on top of adding to the city's property and sales tax base. Why does the roof on Austin's 'Jenga Tower' look unfinished? Along with the Independent's location and amenities, Calderon said he likes the building's "very modern and sleek" design. For its developers, the Independent has significance beyond its design. The Independent, also known as the Jenga building, is now complete and residents have moved in. "I think it gives Austin a very recognizable and unique skyline," Calderon said. From an aesthetic perspective, the public’s view of the top of the so-called “Jenga building” hasn’t been universally favorable. "We wanted to have a place where we could spend weekends and use during events and work commitments downtown," Leon Chen said, rather than booking hotel rooms like they found themselves doing more and more often. As one of Austin's newest downtown "vertical neighborhoods" — 363 residences stacked 58 stories high — the Independent adds to the wave of dense high-rise living that advocates say helps to ease suburban sprawl and traffic while adding revenue to the tax base. ... Austin's tallest building. "The successful completion and market acceptance of the Independent confirms Austin's emergence as a major American city," Lorenz said. Colloquially referred to as the "Jenga building" because of it's staggered appearance, The Independent has drawn some critiques because of the appearance of its highest component, or its crown. The Independent, a 59-story high-rise known as the "Jenga building," will soon flip the switch on a digitally controlled LED lighting system similar to the new lighting setup at New York City’s iconic Empire State Building. The location at West Avenue and West Third Street, on 1.7-acres at the edge of the Seaholm district, offers easy access to major employers and a wide variety of shopping and dining options, Heimsath said. "It is, in essence, a vertical master-planned community that offers a variety of product to different demographic segments," Heimsath said. "And having it be so close to all of the city's best restaurant and recreational areas is awesome. He purchased a unit on the 21st floor, priced in the high $500,000s. With a wide range of unit sizes and price points, the Independent "demonstrates how the market is changing.". Austin airport lands 4 new nonstop routes with celebratory $55 fares, LIVE: Cold case victim 'Corona Girl' identified after more than 30 years, CapMetro announces new transportation plan, including potential underground transit system. The crown on top of The Independent Austin has been described as a 'stunning disappointment.' They echo the views of supporters of high-density, mixed-use urban development who say it brings a substantial drop in water and electricity use, as well as in vehicle miles traveled per capita. “Austin’s nighttime skyline needs a little pop, so it will be exciting to see, and hopefully it works out well,” Anstead tells CultureMap. Like the Chens, Calderon, 37, said he enjoys being able to walk to Trader Joe's a block away and pick out dinner, or to just walk around and explore downtown. CULTUREMAP AUSTIN – The much-maligned “crown” of Austin’s tallest building is about to get lit. Understated elegance, nearly protected views and optimized residences enable The Independent Austin Condos' elevated simplicity of living. The second Jenga Tower we want to tell you about is the Independent, a 363 unit, $300 million, 58 story condo project in downtown Austin, Texas. CULTUREMAP AUSTIN – The much-maligned “crown” of Austin’s tallest building is about to get lit. RELATED: Construction breaks ground on 'Jenga Tower' in Downtown Austin The petition reads: "The top of the Independent Austin looks unfinished and is … Contractors in Austin will begin building the $300-million condo building that resembles a Jenga tower in January, according to media reports. Though the building is downtown Austin’s tallest at the moment, new challengers are already on the horizon. "Most cities have some signature buildings, and I think the Independent could be what makes people recognize Austin's skyline around the world," said Calderon, who represents professional race car drivers and is executive producer of the Netflix movie, "The Gentleman Driver. Latest Downtown Austin Condos For Sale On Reddit, naysayers disparage the crown as looking like “ugly scaffolding,” a “pig pen,” and a “chicken coop,” among other unflattering descriptions. Nearly three years after breaking ground, Austin's tallest tower — and the tallest residential building west of the Mississippi River — is welcoming its first homeowners. "The walkability of the area is exactly what downtown buyers are looking for," he said. The photograph may be purchased as wall art, home decor, apparel, phone cases, greeting cards, and more. “The plan for The Independent from inception called for lighting of the crown,"  Ryan Fetgatter, project developer of the Independent, tells CultureMap. Austinite Perry Lorenz is one of the original developers who both helped create the vision for the Independent and lay the groundwork for construction to start. "I barely touch a car during the week," Calderon said. The building … The unusual building has caused a … CULTUREMAP AUSTIN – The much-maligned “crown” of Austin’s tallest building is about to get lit. "While the design of the building’s 'crown' is very curious, its height and unique profile will inherently give it an iconic presence in the city’s skyline, and likely open the door for still more intriguing designs in the near future," Susman said. "Something really neat about Austin is that the downtown area is such a vibrant center of the city and we wanted to experience that more.". Anstead, a software sales executive in Austin, says he’s pleased to hear The Independent’s crown will be illuminated, as it’ll “make a huge difference” in how the building appears at night. "We’re working on the few final, finishing touches now. Austin's 58-Story "Jenga Tower" To Redefine City Skyline By Patrick Sisson Dec 2, 2015, 3:38pm EST Austin's boom town reputation only grows with … Why does the roof on Austin's 'Jenga Tower' look unfinished? Nonetheless, Anstead maintains the crown will still look “painfully unfinished” during daylight hours. All products are produced on-demand and shipped worldwide within 2 - 3 business days. The Austin Business Journal reports the project is valued at $300 million once the “Jenga-like” tower is finished, making it the the tallest one in Austin. Editor's note: The story originally appeared on CultureMap Austin. In 2019, Austin resident Ben Anstead launched a campaign — complete with a website, social media accounts, and a petition — urging the developers and architects to “correct their mistake” and “fix” the building’s crown. An Extended Stay America hotel at the corner of … The 1,000-square-foot unit has one bedroom, one bathroom and a studio, and views of the Capitol, Lady Bird Lake and Auditorium Shores. Feb. 7, 2020, is expected to be the first night the crown lights up. “This is an incredible milestone for the Independent, and ushers in our goal of creating an extraordinary downtown living experience that enhances the community,” said Greg Henry, CEO of Austin-based Aspen Heights, which developed the tower with Los Angeles-based CIM Group and Austin-based Constructive Ventures. In an unscientific poll conducted last year by the Austin Business Journal, 66 percent of website visitors who responded thought the top of The Independent should be changed, while 17 percent indicated it’s fine as it is and 17 percent didn’t care one way or the other. Austin's skyline is a big part of the city's identity, but for some residents there's a problem at the top. The crown of the so-called "Jenga building" will soon get a new, digitally controlled LED lighting system with a "full spectrum" of colors. All rights reserved. Toni Calderon, who moved into the building in late May, said its impact will be even farther-reaching. The 363-unit … The Independent is Austin’s “Jenga Tower” Back To News November 1, 2019. The building … READ MORE: Architect Brett Rhode tells first-hand how the 'Jenga tower' came to be. “It’s a step in the right direction, and I’m trying to think of it as a glass half full.”. At a height of 690 ft (210 m), it is the tallest building in the city, surpassing the 683 ft (208 m) tall Austonian, another residential skyscraper. "The appreciation for the efficiencies, the convenience and the inherent sustainability of dense high-rise living is the hallmark of great cities all over the world. The building is nicknamed the “Tetris Building” or the “Jenga Tower,” a reference to its unique design, which is divided into four tiers. At 685 feet … The show will also review some never-before-explored engineering feats including “The Jenga Tower” in Austin, Texas, known formally as The Independent, which is … That's a key reason Leon Chen and Tiffany Taylor Chen were drawn to the Independent. Austin American-Statesman ~ 305 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704 ~ Do Not Sell My Personal Information ~ Cookie Policy ~ Do Not Sell My Personal Information ~ Privacy Policy ~ Terms Of Service ~ Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy.
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